We are Motion.
We are Clint is good.

Since 2015

Motion is the art of putting our clients' stories into motion. To achieve this we focus on conveying any message in the most creative and innovative way possible, and creating a unique experience for them.

As a team we are digital and organised, with a work dynamic that allows us to focus and execute each project hand in hand with the client in a progressive and efficient manner.


Our studio is our people.

One of our fundamental beliefs is that, in order to do a good job, you have to form a happy and consolidated team. To achieve this, we have established working dynamics that help us to carry out each challenge hand in hand with each client. Our mission as a studio is to offer a good working environment to our team of professionals, where everyone feels valued, fulfilled and in continuous evolution.

Process Creative.

We know how to get attention with trend-based pieces and how to formalise the brand based on its visual ecosystem. Each project has its own specifications and needs, and that is why we have created our own creative process that allows us to achieve the objectives of each project.

and analysis.

This is the starting point of our professional collaboration. It all starts with the development of the brief and the needs of the animation piece, timing, budget and references.

We then carried out an analysis of the brand, competition, resources and content to develop our proposal.

concept and proposals.

We establish an execution schedule according to the needs of the piece and the client. Knowing the specifications of the project, we make a selection and exploration of visual and graphic references, and we present a moodboard with art and movement references until we find the tone of the project.


With the timetable approved, we began the process of creating the piece. 

We start with script development, graphic conceptualisation through sketch storyboarding, formalisation, voice-over, animation and finally sound design.

From Clint, we develop the entire process of the creation of the motion graphics piece but also from any phase of the project.

Render, backup
and versions.

The rendering process is carried out according to the needs and purpose of the piece. We will use the video output standards according to their destination, as well as all the agreed adaptations and versions.

We perform a backup on our high-performance Synology storage system (NAS).

The creation process is a fundamental part of the work and should be a great experience for the client.


We expose in detail the creation process through our Behance account. Follow us to see our projects with a magnifying glass.

Clients and agencies.

We are very proud to have created work for communication agencies, channels and global brands. Here are some of our clients and collaborators:

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