Panda Security

Panda Dome

We developed these pills for Panda, explaining their Panda Dome product package, we based on speed to mix animation techniques, this way we get dynamic and fun pieces.

That’s why, because it’s so fast, move to Panda.


Creative Approach

We searched for a powerful insight and came up with an overarching concept that could give meaning to each individual piece and to the campaign as a whole. Our approach is to show that even users who consider themselves to be more advanced are equally exposed to these problems.

The structure we propose is: 1. Minimal contextualisation. 2. Increscendo of problems. 3. Sweep / Tranquility Panda. 4.

Closing with service and call to action.

We use the short format of the campaign approach to our advantage to highlight how quickly these digital breaches and navigation problems happen to anyone. We encourage urgency in hiring the service before this happens to you, because you can see that it can happen at any time and when you least expect it.

We managed to produce an avant-garde, recognisable and conceptually solid graphic line, uniting all these resources of transitions and animations aligned with the concept of speed.

Creative Direction & Storytelling: Lucas Martínez.                               

Script: Jose Almodóvar.

Storyboard Sketches: Lucas Martínez.

Art Direction: Ramón Colmo & Javier Valenzuela.

Animation 2D: Laura Segaz.

Animation 3D: Sergio Álvarez.

Voice Over: Victor Gato.                 

Sound Design: Clint is good.

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