Webfleet I

More Together

Fuego Camina conmigo asked us to develop this explanatory video. We mixed 3D elements as brush strokes to bring a new dimension to their clean, minimalist style. We are delighted to have helped Webfleet in their goal of bringing safety and control to driving.


Creative Direction & Storytelling: Lucas Martínez.
Script: Beatriz León.
Art Direction: Ramón Hernández.
Animation 2D: Lucas Martínez & Sergio Álvarez.
Voice-over Studio: Victor Gato.

Webfleet II

Electric Vehicles

Second piece for webfleet, we explain the benefits of converting your fleet of vehicles to electric. We continue with the same visual code mixing 2D base and 3D elements to bring dynamism and realism to the message.

It is the number 1 fleet management system in Europe, drive your business further.

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