Motion Explainer

Thanks to citibox you can receive your online purchases even if you are not at home, colorful and fresh design to explain these incredible mailboxes that will make your life much easier.

We developed the graphic approach based on a 3D elaborated in 2D, playing with the vanishing points in isometric in a great number of boards to get a realistic effect, we consider very important in this piece the function of the locution and the rhythm achieved in the piece.

We based on the color palette used by the brand book to establish colorful and contrasting boards between them, finally we give a touch of messaging using emoticons properly designer and animated.

Creative Direction & Storytelling: Lucas Martínez.
Script: Beatriz León.
Art Direction: Javier Valenzuela.
Animation 2D: Lucas Martínez, Daniel Sánchez.

Voice-over Studio: Victor Gato.