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Tec Moon

Tec Moon

3D Motion

Tec moon continues to give us the opportunity to communicate through our animations all its R & D process and its development for the rest.

In this case we focus on its Flow S range of pillows, ideal for natural sleep, as well as its Prime S Mattress. The perfect tandem. We explain all its features by joining 2D animations, to explain its characteristics and additional information, while we develop the pillow itself in 3D with animation and morphing to join these two worlds.

We based on your predominant target of your style book playing with your corporate blue to be always in line with your aesthetics and respect your brand.

Dream creators.

Creative Direction & Storytelling: Lucas Martínez.
Script: Beatriz León.
Art Direction: Javier Valenzuela.
Animation 2D: Lucas Martínez, Sergio Álvarez.

3D & CGI: Alberto Vega.
Voice-over Studio: Victor Gato.