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Tec Moon

Tec Moon

3D Motion

TecMoon trusts us to develop the audiovisual pieces that reflect the quality and development of their great R+D study in their high-end Pro-S mattresses. Our approach was to start the storytelling based on abstract visual details that allow us to immerse ourselves in the concept in a natural way to gradually discover the product. We developed its 4 main characteristics in small pieces of one minute duration and then we elaborated a master piece that is the one we show here.

They are dream creators.

Creative Direction & Storytelling: Lucas Martínez, Alberto Vega, Daniel Sánchez.
Art Direction: Alberto Vega.
Animation 2D: Alberto Vega, Lucas Martínez.

3D & CGI: Alberto Vega, Sergio Álvarez.
Sound Studio: Aural Studio.