What we do and how?


Clint Creative Process:

We are a study with a main objective, the digitization of information through motion graphics pieces, To achieve this we follow a series of organizational steps that are important to consider, this will help us a lot to achieve the piece.

We have the capacity to generate attention with pieces based on the trend of the moment, or formalize brand based on its visual ecosystem.

Each project is a world and has its own specifications and needs, that is why since Clint we have developed some work phases, which are being carried out by the client’s hand.

This is our approach, step by step:

A. Intake & Briefing


X-Ray Insight & Analysis.

It all starts with the development of the brief and the needs of the animation piece, times, budget, references.
From here we enter the scene, providing our own guidelines for art direction and animation to enhance the intentionality of the piece.
This is the first starting point of our professional collaboration.

We carry out brand and content analysis to develop campaigns for social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram …
There are no limits. To develop these types of projects, we usually work with packs of pieces of animations that are tied to an implementation schedule.


Calendar, concept and proposals

We establish an execution schedule according to the needs of the piece and the time available for its execution.

We immerse ourselves, without losing sight of the client’s requirements, in a preselection of references and exploration of graphics, art and motion, we look at the trend and explore until we find the tone that the proposal requires. This will be our starting point that we will see from the client’s hand for validation.


B. Creation

Having a calendar ready, it is time to start with the process of creating our motion piece.
For its correct development we have created some logical phases that will help us understand the entire creative process.


It is our starting point, and our guide when establishing reading times and animation speed, as well as the complexity of the boards to be developed.

Beta Locution:

We will make the selection of our voiceover speaker and we will make a previous recording of the piece to have the rhythm of our animation from the beginning.

Storyboarding Sketches:

We download ideas at the sketches level of our script in which we will see what will happen schematically.

Animatic Sketches:

Video to cut where we will see the Storybooard sketched running with the phrase, will give us a notion of the reading times and any need for timming of the piece.

Final Art Formalization:

Having approved our storyboard boarding, we go on to formalize 2 specific boards with the final look that the piece will have.

AAFF Storyboarding:

After approving the 2 examples of art direction, we will complete our entire storyboard with the final look.

Final Speech, music selecction and FX:

The final recording of our script is made with our chosen speaker / announcer, the purchase of royalty-free music and search for FX that work in our assembly is performed.

Animatic AAFF:

With all the boards we develop, we prepare a new animation now with all the definitive boards, as well as with the music and speech, this will give us a very close feeling in terms of rhythm and aesthetics before moving on to animation.


We reach the final stage of the process, having all the creativity approved, we move on to animation. It is decided what kind of speed, cadence, and tone our animation will have.

C. Render, backup & versions.

The rendering process will be carried out according to the needs and destination of the piece in question, we will use the video output standards according to your viewing destination as well as all the previously agreed adaptations.

At the end of the process we carry out a security save on our NAS system of the entire organized project, where it will remain safe, and the agreed versions of languages, subtitles, and native archives are delivered if previously budgeted and agreed upon.


From Clint, we can fully develop the entire process of creating your motion graphics piece, from script creation to the last touch-up in animation.

Our work is not only the realization of animation pieces, we believe that the process is also a fundamental part of the work and we always try to make a great experience for the person who collaborates with us.