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Motion graphics, translated literally, means graphics that move. It consists of a digitally animated video that creates the illusion of movement through images, photos, titles, colours and design.


We help you present your company or product in a visual way, attracting a higher number of clients by making a strong, viral impact. The duration of the video varies from project to project but we would say the optimum length is about 60 seconds.


This exercise revolves around the brand, where the values, mission and vision are the pillars of the campaign. Whether it be animating a logo or creating a small series of videos for social media, we help identify the brand with its campaign.


We carry out brand and content analysis to develop campaigns for social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram …
There are no limits.
To develop these types of projects, we usually work with packs of pieces of animations that are tied to an implementation schedule.


We create advertising spots, either hand in hand with producers or directly for the network. We have extensive experience in developing high quality pieces for television.


We create the identity of television channels through anything from headers, signage and bursts, which we tailor and adapt according to the needs and demands of each network.

We also provide the channel itself with a packet of animated media to use as they wish.


We take your work to the next level, using 3D elements to give it an artistic twist. We are experts in making still lifes, texturing and animation. Our mastery of these techniques gives us endless possibilities when we pair it with 2D design.



If I contact you today, when would you start working on the project?

As soon as possible. The ideal time to start working on a project is 5-6 weeks before the deadline but we are flexible and can always adapt our schedule in order to work best with you.


What steps are taken to carry out a MOTION GRAPHICS project?

We begin with an initial brief, which we then flesh out to come up with a script. We then turn this script into a storyboard where we sketch out what will happen in the piece and then carry out several experiments of the final art direction. Once we have refined this and the storytelling part of the project, we move onto recording the script, setting the FX sounds and choosing the music.

When we finally have the art direction approved, we create a digital animation with the sound composed. If everything is looking good, we move onto the animation process, fine tuning a few aspects and then voila, you have your motion graphics piece finished.


What if I need the video in multiple languages?

No problem, we have translators and narrators of all languages to be able to cater to the needs of your project. 


And if I need to film and mix video shot with motion graphics?

We are extremely fortunate in that we work with the best in video production. We have support from professionals such as cameramen, directors, sound technicians, post-producers and narrators in every single one of our projects.